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Field-to-Factory_Workshop-to-Wardrobe: Textile Sector Research

Cotton is one of the highest risk materials when it comes to modern slavery. Help fund a partnership between TISCreport and the Cotton Textile sector to tackle it with tech

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About the project

There are many data sets shared openly by big brands on their own websites and via third-party open data registries. We aim to create a live connection between TISCreport textile supply chains and the factories they are buying from nationally and internationally, using this available open data. If you would like to help bring this data alive then you can steer and fund this project to ensure that it achieves the maximum impact it can. Many of the brands sharing this data are already members of TISCreport by virtue of their modern slavery act compliance statements, which makes it far easier for us to deliver this project than if we were starting from scratch. Also, the rise of open data registries that aggregate factory data and assign unique reference numbers to them also makes it far easier to ensure that the correct legal entity has been linked. We hope this Human Rights data pilot project will be the start of the connection between compliance at the top all the way down to the ground. This comes at a time when manufacturers of PPE, cotton and other high-risk products, need to evidence their supply chains for public sector contracts under PPN02/23, coming into play on the 1st April. Suppliers who are ahead of the game will be more attractive for consideration for substantial contracts whilst reducing their exposure to modern slavery risks.

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