Steering Board Terms of Reference

If a project makes it onto techfund it is because it is deemed by either the TISCreport team or by members to be a project with real social impact potential. However the real test is if that view is shared by organisations working in that space or by the target audience. Our steering boards are therefore critical to the success of these projects and we intend to use their time carefully…


Project Initiation Phase
It is the joint responsibility of the members of the steering board to ensure that the project proposition is an effective one that meets the needs of all stakeholders required for its success, including potential funders.

Project Implementation Phase
Following a successful funding phase the steering board members will apply their expertise and experience to input into project progress as required.

Project Launch Phase
On launch of the project deliverables, the impact measurement will become critical. Determining which parameters will be the most appropriate and also communicating them to key stakeholders will be the focus of members wishing to ensure that the impact is a sustainable one.


Membership will be for the duration of the project. Participation will be open to representatives from all sectors relevant to the project. There will be a number of ex-officio roles for key active organisations to be determined by this board. Applications will be made via the techfund project page, transparently (obviously!).

Time Commitments

We aim to employ “agile governance techniques” to make best use of time. This includes use of online collaboration tools such as Basecamp and video conferencing. Initially, until the proposition is refined, an hour a month is not unusual. Face-to-Face meetings may become necessary when the project gains momentum but we will be judicious in their timing and content.

At any point if a board member determines that the phase of the project requires a different colleague from within their organisation, they may nominate them as an ex officio member.